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The Research Cafe: Start Here!

The Research Cafe is the module for the College Experience Library workshop.

Are You Stuck?

Stop by the Library and ask for help at the Reference Desk or call X1948 from home. We will get you back on the right path to completing the Career Research Cafe folder.

Research Cafe Topics

The Career Research Cafe presents the research process - how to know when information is needed, how to find information, and how to use information effectively and ethically - in a module format that will help you throughout your college career. Access the link below for more information about what you can expect during your visit to the Massasoit Community College Library.


This is your guide to The Research Cafe. You may have come to several sessions in the Library and need more help in completing the Research Cafe folder. Or, you missed one or more sessions and are confused about what you are to do to finish the Research Cafe folder. Whatever your reason for coming here, we are available in person at the Library, by phone, online by email, and here on the Research Cafe guide.

If you do not have a Career Research Cafe folder, you must get one to complete and turn in to your professor. You may visit the Library on either campus or copy the folder from this guide. Check the box to the left titled "Career Research Cafe Folder" for copies of the Career Research Cafe assignments. Also,read About the Career Research Cafe, in the box to the left, which explains the project and topic selection process.

Once you have your folder and selected your topic, check out the tabs above. They will take you through each assignment covered in class.

Remember to call, email, or drop in for more personal assistance. 

Your Librarian

Jennifer Rudolph
Reference Librarian

Massasoit Community College Library

Brockton Campus

508-588-9100 X1946
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My Schedule

I am usually at my desk on Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM.

Stop by!